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Help us support all of our communities that want a healthier tomorrow.

The Florida Dental Association supports the optimization of fluoride levels in community water systems in Florida and encourages the State of Florida to dedicate $1 million in recurring general revenue to continue these efforts locally. We also support communities having the local option to fluoridate their water systems, and would like to see the state provide financial assistance to communities who wish to start, update, or maintain their water systems. 

In 2012, 74.6 percent of the U.S. population on public water systems received optimally fluoridated water. In Florida, about 77 percent of the population receive optimally fluoridated water.

The public health and financial benefits of water fluoridation are numerous and well documented. Keep reading to get the facts on fluoride. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fluoride and community water fluoridation.

What is community water fluoridation?

Fluoride is naturally present in all water and is often called “nature’s cavity fighter.” Community water fluoridation is the precise adjustment of fluoride that occurs naturally in a community's water supply to the level recommended for optimal dental health, approximately 0.7 ppm (parts per million). 

Is community water fluoridation the only way to get the cavity prevention benefits of fluoride?

The benefits of fluoride can be provided in many forms, including fluoride toothpaste, dietary fluoride supplements (tablets, drops and lozenges), professional fluoride treatments (gels and varnish) and optimally fluoridated drinking water. However, community water fluoridation is more cost effective than other forms of fluoride treatments or applications; is accessible to the entire community; provides frequent exposure to small amounts of fluoride over time, making fluoridation effective for both children and adults in helping to prevent tooth decay; and doesn’t require a change in behavior to obtain the decay preventing benefits. 

Doesn’t community water fluoridation just benefit children?

No. People of all ages and backgrounds will benefit. As we age, many factors can result in less saliva, a condition known as "dry mouth.” The risk of tooth decay increases with dry mouth, particularly on the softer root surfaces. When fluoride is in the mouth, the teeth become much more resistant to decay. Fluoridated water is safe, effective, and the least expensive way to reduce tooth decay in children and adults.

Is community water fluoridation cost effective?

Yes. The savings in dental treatment costs to a community by providing water fluoridation are substantial. It has been calculated that the lifetime cost per person of providing fluoridated water in the United States is less than the cost of a single filling. Communities that invest in water fluoridation save an average of $32.19 per capita in dental treatment costs.

Can community water fluoridation cause cancer?

The U.S. National Cancer Institute says very clearly that there is no evidence linking water fluoridation to any form of cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that studies to date have produced "no credible evidence" of an association between fluoridated drinking water and an increased risk for cancer. The American Cancer Society also recognizes the public health benefit of water fluoridation.